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Kelvin So 

QVN (Qualified Veterinary Nurse), AT Dip APVN AHMW Dip VNZS

AT Dip (Animal Technology) - Advanced Diploma

Kelvin 於2014年加入星寵動物醫院,是本院創辦時期的核心成員。他在澳洲修讀動物科技學位,於2004年畢業後回到香港成為獸醫助手,其後持續進修為獸醫護士。對麻醉學有濃厚興趣的Kelvin於2011年修畢珍禽異獸麻醉監護證書,是一位優秀的麻醉監護助理,細心地為不同的物種進行麻醉監護。他堅持不斷進修 ,於2019 年修讀英國珍禽異獸護理文憑 (鳥類,野生動物,小型哺乳動物和爬蟲學獸醫護理高級文憑),並獲得了APVN(AHMW)Dip VNZS之名銜。

Kelvin 喜歡在星寵動物醫院工作,因為他喜歡成為主人、獸醫和動物之間的溝通橋樑,以確保訊息清楚傳達方能夠為病患者提供合適的診斷方向及治療計劃。工餘時間他喜愛組裝Lego 及搜購玩具。

Kelvin was one of the founding members of our clinic in 2014. He has been a veterinary assistant since 2004 after graduated in Australia and continued his study to become a veterinary nurse.  He is the heart and soul of our clinic.   Kelvin has a special interest in anesthesia. In 2011, he received the certificate in Companion Exotic Small Mammal Anesthesia. He is an excellent anesthetist for all the variety of species. In 2019, Kelvin received his Diploma of Veterinary Nursing of Zoological Species (Advanced Program in the Veterinary Nursing of Avian, Wildlife, Small Mammals and Herpetology)! He has earned the post-nominals APVN (AHMW) Dip VNZS .
 He enjoys working at Zodiac because he likes to be the bridge between the veterinarian, the patient and their owners to ensure that together we can design the best diagnostic and treatment plan for each patient. When he is not working, Kelvin enjoys building legos and shopping for action figures.