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Kim Yuen

B.S. Bachelor of Science

Kim 於2017年完成在西南大學的農務學位後,便加入了廣州一間治理貓、狗及珍禽異獸的獸醫診所工作。在空餘的時間,Kim喜歡烹飪及與家人相聚,當中還包括她的貴婦狗、巨人守宮和睫角守宮。她十分享受及珍視作為獸醫助理,並熱衷於接觸和照顧各式各樣的動物。
After completing her BSc in Agriculture from Southwest University in 2017, Kim worked at an animal hospital in Guangzhou seeing cats, dogs, and exotic companion animals. When Kim is not at work, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family including her poodle, giant gecko, and crested gecko. Kim enjoys all aspects of veterinary assistant work and has a passion for working with clients and caring for pets during all phases of their lives.