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Mei Leung - Clinic Administrator 診所行政人員 



在工餘時間,Mei會練習瑜伽來放鬆自己,崇尚在工作與生活中取得平衡。Mei深愛她的天竺鼠「豬頭」,喜歡看著牠無憂無慮地成長。 她以往養過的寵物包括「豬膶」、「豬心」、Frank、Wallace、Chester 和 Jefferey。

Mei has been working as a receptionist in various vet clinics since 2014. She loves all species of animals especially dogs and guinea pigs. She used to have two chinchillas and two guinea pigs at one point back in Canada, it was a very fun and valuable learning experience as a first time pet parent.

Mei enjoys practicing yoga on her days off for relaxation since she believes in work-life balance and living with purpose. Mei adores her guinea pig Chu Tau and enjoys watching him being naughty. Her previous pets included Chu Yeung、Chu Sum、Frank、Wallace、Chester and Jefferey.