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Dr. Yannie Chan - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM)
Dr. Yannie 於香港城市大學取得獸醫學士 ,並獲得一級榮譽。她熱愛每一種動物,尤其是珍禽異獸物種、狗和貓。另外,她對內科和影像診斷有濃厚的興趣。 Dr. Yannie很高興能加入星寵動物醫院的專業醫療團隊,為寵物和主人提供最好的醫療服務和治療方案。在空餘時間,Dr. Yannie喜歡攝影、旅遊、遠足和陪伴她領養的兩隻毛孩 – 長毛和短毛唐貓 

Dr. Yannie is one of first veterinary graduates from City University of Hong Kong and has obtained honors in her degree. She loves all species of animals and has a strong passion for exotics, dogs and cats. Her special interests include internal medicine and diagnostic imaging. Dr. Yannie is delighted to join our dedicated and passionate veterinary team to provide the best care to patients and clients in Zodiac Pet & Exotic Hospital. In her spare time, Dr. Yannie enjoys photography, travelling, hiking and spending time with her 2 rescued cats – domestic long hair and domestic short hair.