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Frances Fu 

VN (Tafe Cert IV)

Frances 於2013年開始在獸醫診所的工作, 她最喜歡接觸不一樣的動物。 在不用上班的日子裡, 她喜歡與家中的兩隻貓咪 (豆腐) 和 (Nomi) 一起玩耍。她也喜歡學習新的語言和接觸世界不同角落的文化。 她喜歡在Zodiac 工作是因為協助不一樣的動物獲得更健康更精采的生命很有成就感

Frances started her career in the veterinary industry since 2013. Her favorite part of this job is to get to know different animals. In her off days,  she enjoys cuddling with her cats, Tofu and Nomi. She also loves to learn different languages and to embrace their culture. She enjoys working in Zodiac because it is very rewarding to be a part of helping pets and educating owners to provide a more enriching life for their family companions.