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Kelly Liu 



2020年完成了城大專業進修學院動物護理學高等文憑後,Kelly在一間貓狗獸醫診所工作了兩年。她特別喜歡爬蟲類和鳥類,在星寵動物醫院工作,可以接觸不同種類的動物。另外,她認為照顧不同動物令牠們健康快樂地生活是非常有意義。 在放假的日子,Kelly喜歡和朋友們一起去行山、潛水、打拳擊及進行不同的戶外活動,非常開心!

Kelly completed the Advance Diploma in Veterinary Nursing from CityU SCOPE in 2020. After that, she worked at a dog and cat hospital for two years. She is especially interested in reptiles and avians. She enjoys working in Zodiac Pet & Exotic Hospital because she can take care of different species of animals and she finds it very meaningful as they can live a healthy and happy life. On her day off, Kelly loves to go hiking, diving, boxing and have different outdoor activities with friends.