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Scooby ( Aka Ti Ti ) 

Ti Ti 於2015年被自動扶梯夾傷,其後被Kelvin領養,他每天都隨同Kelvin回到醫院出勤,當主人們進來時,他或會以特別的叫聲作歡迎。大家無須擔心被咬,Ti Ti是很友善的,及他沒有任何牙齒。工餘時間喜愛養生慢活和伴在女主人身旁。

Ti Ti joined our clinic in 2015 when he was rehomed after a foot injury on an escalator.  Ti TI comes to work every day with Kelvin to help welcome the patients to the clinic with a special bark. But don’t worry, Ti Ti doesn’t have any teeth!  When he is not at the clinic, he enjoys sleeping and seeking attention from his favorite humans.