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Heidi Chan 

BSc Biological Science, VN (AIRC Cert IV)

Heidi 於2010年在香港浸會大學完成生物學理學士學位,並於畢業後便成為一名獸醫助手。她已持有及考獲AIRC Cert IV。Heidi在工餘時間喜歡四處旅遊,閱讀和觀看電影。加入星寵動物醫院前,她曾經到訪過雲南省,四川省和西藏等地。她也曾去過尼泊爾擔任義工,協助當地貧窮地區重建小學。 另外,Heidi對於心臟學有著深厚的興趣,同時她亦是一名優秀的外科手術助理。她喜歡在星寵動物醫院工作因為她喜歡見到各式各樣的動物。

After completing BSC in Biology from Baptist University in 2010, Heidi became a veterinary assistant. She is qualified in AIRC Cert IV. When Heidi is not working, she enjoys travelling, watching movies and reading. Before joining Zodiac, she travelled to Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province and Tibet. She also went to Nepal as a volunteer to help to rebuild primary schools before. Heidi has a special interest in cardiology and she is an excellent surgical assistant. She enjoys working at Zodiac because she likes the variety of species that we see.