Species & Services 服務的動物種類

Reptile & Amphibian

‘Reptiles’ covers a very large group and their anatomy and bodily functions are very different from the mammals.  However, general principles still apply in terms of spotting illness.

Loss of appetite/weight loss
Vomiting or regurgitation/diarrhea/blood in feces
Drinking abnormal amounts (especially if amount is increased)
Abnormal urination/trouble passing urine
Passing no feces
Coughing/sneezing/abnormal breathing
Pain or lameness.
It can take a trained eye to spot these abnormalities as these changes can happen very slowly. Reptiles can get sick over many weeks, months and even years- so slow that the changes go unnoticed as you see them every day. Likewise they can recovery very slowly after treatment is started.  Many times we need further diagnostic tests to determine exactly what is going on.
We urge pet owners to accompany their animals themselves. As medical conditions and treatment options are complex, this is the best way to ensure our doctors can fully communicate and for you to have a clear understanding. In cases where complex or invasive treatment or procedures are required, we will not administer treatment unless the doctor has met face to face with the principal owner of the patient and received their consent.