Facilities 服務範圍


We have a full sterile operating theatre equipped with the latest anesthetic apparatus including piped oxygen and scavenging systems. Our oxygen system actually allows us to provide supplemental oxygen anywhere in the clinic including hospital areas when required.

Our array of monitoring equipment includes the latest computerized monitoring devices which allow us to keep track of your loved ones heart rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure and much more, during the anesthetic.  Should we need it we can also breathe for the patient during the procedure with our veterinary specific ventilator. All of this enables us to minimize the risk involved with general anesthetics.
A lot of the work we do at Zodiac Pet and Exotic Hospital involves intricate surgery on very small animals.
We use surgical magnifying loupes to facilitate microsurgery and have an electro cautery machine for a more precise and controlled surgical incision with minimal bleeding and more rapid healing. Our surgical instruments are sourced from Germany and are of the highest quality.