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 The Repuls high intense light is a new gentle but very efficient treatment against inflammation and pain.

So how does it work?

The high intense light works with cold infra-red with a wave-length band of 610 – 670 nm (632nm) and has therefore a higher penetration into tissue than UV-light.

The red light has an effect on organic molecules and caused by that we have the phenomenon of doubling frequency: we have an enormous oscillation in the molecules which is responsible that the red light energy is changing into molecule oscillation energy.

That is the reason why that the carrier agent “12-Oxo-leucotrien” gets split from the leukotrien B 4, which is responsible for inflammation and this cleavage product is transported away.

By this reaction the leukotrien B 4 cannot be active anymore and inflammation and pain are fading away.

Because of the local use this kind of therapy is very effective and the injured tissue can regenerate much faster and – this is a very interesting point - there are no damaging side effects, neither for the animal nor for the user.