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Skin masses are an exceptionally common occurrence in a veterinary clinic setting . Historically, a general anaesthetic has been required to allow surgical removal of the lump, followed by a 10-14 day healing period and sutures to be removed - this can be seen to be invasive and involves several trips to the clinic. In a lot of cases a general anaesthetic may not be desirable or possible due to other ailments - for example a very old patient with a heart problem.
Constantly looking to find minimally invasive treatment options for such scenarios, we have recently had a lot of success with using Cryosurgery. This is where a we use Nitrous Oxide through a precise surgical 'pen' to target and freeze the mass. The procedure can be done without general anaesthesia and takes less than 10 minutes. In many cases only 1 treatment is required with a few needing a repeat cycle a couple of weeks later. The targeted mass will usually dry up and fall off within 2 weeks. We have had success using cryosurgery on many types of skin masses from tumours to skin tags, in various locations around the body. What we love is that the procedure is so well tolerated by the patient, is extremely effective and costs our clients a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure.

The below facebook link will show a series of photo documented time series for two cases; a husky with a raised skin mass and shiba inu with a flat skin mass.

If you would like more information on the procedure please give us a call to arrange a consultation - in most cases the procedure can be done the same day!