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Small Mammals

Many herbivorous (plant eating) species such as Rabbits, Chinchillas, and Guinea pigs have a very uniquely adapted digestive tract that is extremely sensitive. Any such species with a change in eating amount/frequency and/or and change in feces produced can be CRITICAL. Seek veterinary attention immediately.

A lot of small mammal species, such as rabbits, are prey species – they have evolved to evade capture by animals that may try to hurt them in the wild. As a result they do not show many outwardly obvious signs of sickness as this would make them a target for a predator.
Situations that need immediate intervention include:
Loss of appetite
Change in faecal frequency, size or consistency
Abnormal breathing – hard or fast
Bleeding – uncontrolled or prolonged.
Other general signs may include:

Weight loss
Drinking abnormal amounts (especially if amount is increased)
Abnormal urination/trouble passing urine
Pain or lameness
Abnormal swellings/lumps
We urge pet owners to accompany their animals themselves. As medical conditions and treatment options are complex, this is the best way to ensure our doctors can fully communicate and for you to have a clear understanding. In cases where complex or invasive treatment or procedures are required, we will not administer treatment unless the doctor has met face to face with the principal owner of the patient and received their consent.