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Birds are exceptionally good at hiding signs of sickness – they have evolved this way. Often by the time it is noticed that they are unwell the disease process is often very advanced. This is one reason why bird medicine is so much more challenging than with some other species. They are often presented in very advanced states of disease and they have much less in the way of body reserves to cope with being sick.

Outward signs of illness are often non-specific and further investigations are usually required. Your bird may need to be stabilized in hospital before this can take place
Emergency situations in birds include:
Uncontrolled bleeding form any orifice or feather
Breathing abnormalities – rapid or hard breathing
Common non-specific signs of illness include:
Fluffed up feathers
Sitting on bottom of cage
Loss of appetite and weight loss
Watery droppings or a change in droppings color
Abnormal swellings/lumps
Discharge from nose or eyes

We urge pet owners to accompany their animals themselves. As medical conditions and treatment options are complex, this is the best way to ensure our doctors can fully communicate and for you to have a clear understanding. In cases where complex or invasive treatment or procedures are required, we will not administer treatment unless the doctor has met face to face with the principal owner of the patient and received their consent.