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As a general rule a normally healthy dog should be bright and interactive but, as with people, dogs can have very individual personalities. You know your dog and you will know when something is not right.  If your dog is usually bright and playful and then suddenly is quiet and dull then this is not normal. Other signs to look out for include:

Loss of appetite/weight loss
Vomiting/diarhoea/blood in faeces
Drinking abnormal amounts (especially if amount is increased)
Abnormal urination/trouble passing urine
Coughing/sneezing/abnormal breathing
Pain or lameness
Abnormal swellings/lumps

If you notice any of these signs then it may be prudent to have your loved one looked at by our vet.

We urge pet owners to accompany their animals themselves. As medical conditions and treatment options are complex, this is the best way to ensure our doctors can fully communicate and for you to have a clear understanding. In cases where complex or invasive treatment or procedures are required, we will not administer treatment unless the doctor has met face to face with the principal owner of the patient and received their consent.