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Ming Lee

阿Ming由2005年以來一直都是一位獸醫助手。目前她正在修讀AIRC Cert II和Cert IV。阿Ming在工餘時間喜歡遠足,游泳及陪伴她可愛的雞尾鸚鵡-糖糖。阿Ming對雀鳥醫學有著濃厚的興趣。由其是處理小型鳥類方面時,表現特別岀眾和專業。她之所以喜歡在星寵動物醫院工作,因為她喜歡與所有可愛的雀鳥病人互動,亦可以從中教育主人們一些飼養上的技巧。

Ming has been a veterinary assistant since 2005.  She is currently studying for both her AIRC Cert II and Cert IV.  When she is not working, Ming enjoys hiking, swimming and spending time with her adorable cockatiel - Tong Tong.  Ming has a special interest in avian medicine and is amazing at handling even the smallest birds.  She enjoys working at Zodiac because she likes interacting with all the lovely bird patients and educating their owners.