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他曾在新加坡動物園及雀鳥公園當任義工醫生6個月, 之後就來到香港嘉道理農場暨植物園繼續獸醫工作,於香港嘉道理農場的服務結束後,他在香港另一間繁忙的獸醫診所繼續執業。林醫生熱愛潛水,他從獸醫業休假三年,到馬爾代夫﹑印尼和斐濟等地方任職潛水教練。之後,林醫生再次回到香港,曾經於香港愛護動物協會兼任獸醫,主要幫助控制香港的流浪貓狗隻數目之計劃。林醫生很高興能到星寵動物醫院擔任代理醫生工作,他希望以自己的專業知識能為更多的小動物和珍禽異獸作出貢獻。
Dr. Kwok-Zu is from originally from Singapore. He graduated from Murdoch University, Western Australia in 1996. His veterinary career began in a large, multi-centred veterinary practice in Singapore, working with small and exotic animals.He has also volunteered in the Singapore Zoolgical Gardens and Bird Park for half a year before coming to Hong Kong to work in Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens. After his work with Kadoorie Farm ended, he went on to a busy small animal and exotic hospital in Hong Kong before taking a three year break from veterinary practice, teaching scuba diving full time in the Maldives, Indonesia and Fiji.
After his scuba diving stint, he returned to Hong Kong and has worked part-time in at HKSPCA dealing with population control of stray cats and dogs. Now his work with SPCA has ended, he is very happy to be approached to work as a locum for Zodiac Pet and Exotic Hospital, as he still believes he could contribute his expertise to the area of exotic pet medicine.Dr. Kwok-Zu has a strong interest in animal wildlife and environmental conservation.